Our Academic Boards are custom designed for your school, using your school colors, logo, and mascot or academic graphic.
We build each board by hand and with great care. Academic Boards are constructed from high quality materials making them sturdy and long-lasting. Boards are finished with a non-glare satin finish and edge molding provides a professional finish and excellent protection.

Our company has developed a system exclusively for schools. Never before has this system been offered for schools except by our company. Each group of our Academic Boards are identified by your school colors, graphics and title of each academic. Academic activity is boldly represented on each board. League, district, region and state are identified by your school's colors on the Date Plaques hanging below the Academic SportsBoards.
Records are easy to maintain and update throughout the school year. Our Academic Boards are a great alternative to banners; they use less room, are long lasting, easy to update and free up your walls for more records and achievements.

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Variety of sizes and designs

Mt Baker High Academic Board (WA) Special Honors Academic Board Eastlake High Academic Board (WA) Monroe High Academic Board (WA) Monroe High Academic Board (WA)
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20"x82"         $295.00
20"x96"         $320.00

24"x82"         $340.00
24"x96"         $365.00
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Single Boards:
20"x82"         $395.00
20"x96"         $425.00

24"x82"         $440.00
24"x96"         $465.00
Dual Boards:
We offer a lot of different options, sizing and designs, so please call for additional pricing and questions.